Manage your very own Fallout Shelter on Android devices

Greeting, overseers in the lands of Android. You can now have your own Vault, thanks to Bethesda: the company has released Fallout Shelter for Android today.

Not content to simply bring more overseers into the fold, Bethesda has updated the game itself. Mole Rats can now dig into your vault, and the ugly thrice-darned Deathclaws can also come knocking. Raiders will now steal precious bottle caps and resources, and players now have a Mr. Handy at their disposal, who can collect resources for you ("crumpets not included", according to Bethesda.) If you have an Android or iOS device, check it out—or update the game, for those who are already managing vaults of their own.

Fallout Shelter is a promotional move turned big hit—it's raked in $5.1 million in its first two weeks after release—a fact made doubly interesting as the game itself can be played just fine with no purchases whatsoever. On iOS alone, there were a reported 70 million people playing it simultaneously during launch week. It's addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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