GameWorks VR moves into beta; opens doors to developers

Back in May, Nvidia announced GameWorks VR, its VR-focused SDK aimed at both headset makers and game developers. At the time, the tools were open only to select partners, but they're now open to all, according to the GameWorks VR beta announcement. Nvidia says it received plenty of feedback from the partners that worked with the alpha, and much of their feedback has been used in the more widespread release.

There are separate SDKs for headset makers and game developers. Game developers will get tools to add SLI support for VR apps, and to include Nvidia's Multi-Res Shading (MRS) in their programs. MRS is a technique in which each part of an image is rendered at multiple resolutions in one pass, depending on how it fits into a warped VR image.

As for headset makers, theyll get access to tools like Context Priority, which allows developers to control GPU scheduling to support VR-specific features like asynchronous time warp. Rather than require the system to render a new frame when a player moves their head, the scene can be adjusted to match the player's head movement, reducing latency. Front Buffer Rendering is a technique in which the GPU renders directly to the front frame buffer, rather than putting frames into a multi-buffered queue. Lastly, Direct Mode is a plug-and-play method that allows Nvidia's drivers to recognize the headset as a VR display instead of as a traditional desktop monitor.

Interested developers can sign up over at Nvidia's GameWorks Registered Developer Program page. Registration is free. 

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