Friday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Chromebooks are a bright spot in a stagnant
    B2B PC and tablet market, according to NPD
  2. Gizmodo: Dell's new 13" Chromebook is like a Pixel you can actually afford
  3. techPowerUp!: Intel Core "Skylake" processor start selling
  4. Fudzilla has exclusive details on AMD's Zen
  5. WCCFtech on iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak - everything you need to know
  6. Neowin: Stardock announces Start 10, now available for download
  7. July 2015 NPD: Lack of new games doesn't hurt industry — or PlayStation 4
  8. Mirror's Edge Catalyst's graphics & gameplay video


  1. WSJ: Candy Crush decline continues drag on King's profits
  2. VR-Zone: Sony advises against Windows 10 updates for Vaio PCs
  3. AnandTech spend time with Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+
  4. Neowin: Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 ISO leaks online
  5. How-To Geek: How to install SteamOS in VirtualBox
  6. IGN: Blizzard will 'consider Warcraft' RTS once StarCraft 2 is done
  7. OCC's Deepcool Assassin II review
  8. PCPer podcast #362
  9. Newegg's deals
  10. Dealzon's deals: $659 off 13" 1440p Alienware i5-4210U / GTX 860M,
    $480 coupon for 15.6" Lenovo Y50 i7-4720HQ / GTX 960M, and $50
    for 8TB Fantom GreenDrive3 external HDD

  1. techPowerUp! reviews 960GB Toshiba HK3R2 SSD
  2. CowcotLand reviews 480GB OCZ Trion 100 SSD (in French)
  3. Hardware.Info: 6 32-inch Ultra HD monitors tested - 4K
  4. BCCHardware on Optoma NE800M brass & carbon fiber earphones
  5. TweakTown's LEPA BTS02 Bluetooth 4.0 portable speaker review
  6. NikKTech's Antec Mobile Products WAV Bluetooth speaker review
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