Skylake availability check: i5-6600Ks only

It's been over a week since Scott's epic Core i7-6700K review, so it's time to see if we can buy any of Intel's Skylake processors in the US and Canada. As is our custom, we've checked some of the biggest e-tailers around for stock of the Core i5-6600K and Core i7-6700K.

First, the good news: the Core i5-6600K is available in both the US and Canada. You can pick up the four-core, four-thread Skylake part at both Newegg and TigerDirect for $249.99. You can save a little bit by ordering from Fry's, where the 6600K will run you $239.99. 

The bad news is that its big brother, the Core i7-6700K, isn't available in the US yet. Newegg's product page says the 6700K is coming soon. None of the other online shops we checked, including Amazon and TigerDirect, even have the i7-6700K listed.

For those of you north of the border, Canada Computers has the i5-6600K in stock for $329, but the order has to be picked up in-store. There's further bad news for our Canadian bretheren, as NCIX and Newegg don't have either CPU in stock yet.

If you've found Skylake available somewhere we haven't listed, help a gerbil out in the comments. Of course, I ordered my own i5-6600K before I wrote this post.

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