No reason to fear AMD in video editing

I've had more than one nervous inquiry from a reader looking to use an AMD system in a digital video editing workstation who wasn't quite sure about dropping Intel. I've also heard some wack stories about Athlon incompatibilities with high-end video editing suites and PCI cards that I just didn't know enough about to fully dismiss. Now comes word from AMD that they've been certified for use with Pinnacle Systems' video editing systems. From the press release:
SUNNYVALE, CA-SEPTEMBER 18, 2001-AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced that Pinnacle Systems Inc., winner of seven Emmy Awards in the field of digital video production, has certified AMD Athlon(tm) and AMD Athlon MP processor-based platforms for Pinnacle's top-of-the-line digital video PCI hardware editing cards.

The AMD Athlon processor has been certified for the Pinnacle DV500 PLUS real-time DV editing solution and the Pinnacle Pro-ONE professional video editing/authoring system. The AMD Athlon MP processor featuring Smart MP technology has been certified on multiprocessor systems for TARGA 3000, Pinnacle's content creation and streaming platform. In addition, Pinnacle Systems declared that AMD Athlon and AMD Athlon MP processor-based platforms meet its high standards for certification on its state-of-the-art Non-Linear Editing (NLE) video solutions.

This kind of certification will go a long way toward convicing the corporate markets what we PC freaks already know: there's no reason to fear using an Athlon.
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