Runic Games' Hob is a speechless, puzzling adventure

Torchlight developer Runic Games has announced its next project, Hob. Presented entirely without dialogue, Hob drops players off in a "beautiful and dangerous unknown world." The game's announcement trailer shows a glimpse of that world springing to life.


In an interview with Polygon, the studio's creative director Erich Schaefer says Hob won't be a Diablo clone. "I've been doing [action role-playing games] now since around 1993," Schaefer told Polygon. "It's basically all I've worked on from Diablo 1."  Instead, the new title will be a puzzle-fueled adventure.

In a refreshing change of pace, Runic told Polygon Hob won't be crowd-funded. Runic doesn't have a publisher for the game yet, but the studio will have a playable version of its baby on display at PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of this month. Look for more information about Hob then.

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