Take over the world however you want in Satellite Reign

Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to 1993's Syndicate (not the horrid 2012 "reimagining") now has a launch trailer, which you can watch below:

For those unfamiliar with Syndicate—probably those under 30it was one of the first squad-based real time strategy games with a grim, futuristic setting. It was hard, brutal, and innovative. Satellite Reign follows the path set by its dystopian cyberpunk-themed predecessor by putting the player in control of a squad of four soldiers, who are themselves employed by one of the game world's many mega-corporations. Their job: take over the world by any means necessary.

5 Lives Studios uses the term "emergent gameplay" to describe Satellite Reign's free-flowing play style. Players are given free reign (pun intended) in their mission choices and methods: there are no predefined paths to the finish. Players can complete missions through brute force, with espionage and infiltration, or by spreading propaganda.

After its successful Kickstarter campaign, Satellite Reign is nearing its release. The game will launch on Steam, the Humble Store and GOG on August 28.

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