Security-oriented Blackphone 2 set for September release

Silent Circle is releasing a new version of its Blackphone, creatively named Blackphone 2. The device runs a security-oriented version of Android called Silent OS, which packed with features intended to make businesses' data more secure.

Like its predecessor, the Blackphone 2's tricks lie in its software. The proprietary Silent OS includes Silent Circle's own phone and messaging apps, which encrypt phone calls, video calls, and texts. Silent OS is also claimed to be free of any bloatware or hooks into carrier services. Although base Android supports multiple users on the same device, Silent OS takes this a couple steps further. A feature Silent Circle calls Spaces "creates multiple, separate virtual phones on one device." Spaces is supposed to let owners segregate business and personal data in their own secure enclaves.

Silent Circle lets IT departments manage the Blackphone 2 with Enterprise Spaces, as well, which are locked-down Spaces that enforce business policies. Other business-friendly features include integration with Android for Work and several mobile device management systems—Citrix and Soti among them. Silent Circle also claims the OS has "the world's fastest vulnerability management," saying it patches vulnerabilities within 72 hours of detection or reporting. OS updates also come straight from the company.

The handset packs beefier hardware this time around, too. It has a bigger 5.5" screen and a "quick-charge battery." Processing power comes courtesy of an unspecified 1.7 GHz octa-core SoC and 3GB of RAM. The Blackphone 2 measures in at 76 mm x 152 mm x 8 mm (WxLxH).

Silent Circle is set to release the Blackphone 2 in September, and prospective buyers can contact its sales team for more information.

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