Cities: Skylines is now open After Dark

The first expansion for Cities: Skylines has been announced, and you can now bask in your city's soothing night-time glow with After Dark. Check out the teaser trailer, revealed a couple weeks ago at Gamescom:

Lead designer Karoliina Korppoo previewed some of the neat stuff coming in the expansion in a blog post today. At night, citizens of Skylines prefer to go to fun places, while only a handful will go out to work a graveyard shift. Players' cities' police need to be on the lookout, as the dark is a friend to miscreants of all types. Players can choose different municipal budgets for day and night, adjusting allocation of resources like garbage trucks, ambulances, and cops. Transit schedules can be adjusted between daytime and night-time hours, as well.

The night-time can also make things easier for the player in other ways. Service vehicles can move more freely through the city, and traffic jams should be easier to spot at night, too.

For those not in the know, suffice to say that Cities: Skylines is everything that Sim City should have been, and you should get it immediately. It's me-approved. After Dark is set to arrive September 24 for $15, and it'll be available from "digital distributors everywhere." The base game will also get a free content patch with the expansion's release.

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