iPhone owners can take 30-day test drives of Galaxy phones for $1

Samsung has launched an aggressive marketing campaign called the Ultimate Test Drive, which lets iPhone owners borrow one of its Galaxy phones—the S6 edge, S6 edge+, or Note 5—for a full month, with no obligation, for a single George Washington. Seems like the company has Apple dead in its crosshairs. Maybe it has something to do with that 36% year-on-year iPhone sales climb.

If you're an iPhone owner thinking of playing for the other team, all you have to do is visit the Samsung Promotions website on your iPhone, select your desired handset model, and you get to keep it for 30 days—after which Samsung naturally hopes you buy it.

It seems the program hit the mark: Samsung says that "due to overwhelming demand, [it is] temporarily out of test phones," and advises prospective testers to check back periodically. Me? I'm grabbing popcorn.

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