British fuel-cell firm shows off a hydrogen-powered iPhone

Intelligent Energy, a British power company that specialises in fuel cell technology, has unveiled a working prototype of an iPhone 6 powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery. The company claims the phone can go for a week without refueling, and it says it hasn't altered the shape or size of the device to incorporate its technology.

The word "refueling" is actually correct, as the prototype uses an adapted headphone socket for that purpose. The company is said to be developing disposable cartridges containing hydrogen-releasing powder, which would plug into the headphone jack to refuel the device for a week's worth of power. The Telegraph says Intelligent Energy is considering the cartridges' sale price, and that its executives believe "the price of a latte" would be a feasible amount.

As with other hydrogen fuel cell tech, the battery in question produces heat and "an imperceptible amount of water vapor", released from the phone through vents on its back. The Telegraph also believes Intelligent Energy is working with Apple to incorporate this technology in its devices. Intelligent Energy told the paper that "our view is that this is a couple of years out but really it’s about how quickly does our partner want to press the button and get on with it?"

The company's fuel cell tech isn't just vaporware, either. The firm will be deploying its fuel cell technology in India, replacing diesel generators that provide backup power for mobile phone towers in the country.

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