In Win's 805 ATX case puts USB Type-C under glass

In Win has a history of making some beautiful, if not terribly practical, PC cases. The company's glass-and-aluminum 805 mid-tower case does have something enthusiasts are looking for, though—a USB Type-C connector right on the front where it's easy to access. It's also truly lovely to look at.

The 805's front and sides are tempered glass, laid over an aluminum frame that looks quite sharp overall. The highly transparent design might inspire builders to keep their builds clean, too. Storage capacity is somewhat limited—the 805 has trays for mounting two 2.5" drives behind the motherboard, and two sleds for either 2.5" or 3.5" drives at the front. Radiators up to 280 mm long can be mounted on the front panel, above the drive sleds. If you want to skip liquid cooling, the 805 can accommodate tower-style heat sinks up to 156 mm tall, along with dual 140-mm fans in the front. The chassis measures 18.7” by 8” by 18” (HxWxD), or 476mm x 205mm x 455 mm.

In Win's beauty comes in two flavors—the 805 Standard version has dual USB 3.0 Type-A connectors, while the 805 Type-C version drops one of the Type-A connectors in favor of a Type-C port. The case's manual doesn't say anything about powering it with Molex connectors like Asus' USB 3.1 UPD, though, so we don't expect you'll be charging your MacBook from that port. The 805 comes in three versions: two come with black or yellow front panels with an illuminated white In Win logo, while the third comes with a red front panel and LED logo. 

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