Dance with the triads in Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Harebrained Schemes has released the third instalment in the remade Shadowrun series of cyberpunk turn-based RPGs, called Shadowrun: Hong Kong. The new game is (surprise) set in Hong Kong in 2056. Players will take their crews through a campaign involving triads, street gangs, and of course, lots of cybernetic technology. Check out the release trailer:

The game's setting takes the player from Seattle to Hong Kong, directly to the heart of a decades-long corporate conspiracy. The city is a land of business and crime in equal measure, and players will be required to carefully manage their influence and relationships in order to climb the social prestige ladder.

Hong Kong was funded on Kickstarter and eventually raked in $1.2 million, a much bigger chunk of change than the initial goal of $100,000. That cash allowed Harebrained Schemes to add several stretch features like new characters, more cinematic cutscenes, and an improved Matrix system (think cyberspace). The Shadowrun Editor tool is also improved, allowing players to "create and share their own stories and campaigns [with] no advanced coding or art skills."

Despite the name, Hong Kong is not an expansion—much like Shadowrun: Dragonfall, it's a standalone full-length game. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is available on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store for $19.99.

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