The Note 5's S Pen can go in backward and damage the phone

The folks at Android Police have uncovered a serious design flaw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 handset. The device's stylus, called the S Pen, can easily be inserted backward and get stuck. What's worse, using force to remove the pen may damage or disable the pen detection sensor in the slot. The site posted a video demonstration and description of the problem, which you can watch below.

Android Central reports the pen detection in its unit was permanently disabled after their investigation. Adding insult to injury, when making the above video, the reporter's pen got completely stuck in its slot, with no apparent way to remove it short of percussive maintenance.

The issue stems from the fact that the pen's shape doesn't prevent it from being inserted backwards in any way—it will slide in easily in either orientation. It's not easy to prevent, either. Distracted users or anyone with children in the house will probably find themselves in this conundrum sooner or later. Previous versions of the Galaxy Note didn't suffer from this issue, as the design of the stylus prevented it from being inserted the wrong way.

There's no official word from Samsung regarding this matter, but it's not likely the company has many choices besides redesigning the S Pen or even the handset itself.

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