Step through time with GOG Galaxy's update rollbacks

Galaxy, the Steam-like portal to GOG's collection of content, is getting an update with some interesting features. Version 1.1 of the Galaxy beta will most notably include update rollbacks:  the service will let owners restore their games to an earlier version "with a single click." This capability could be useful in the event that a patch causes a game not to work properly. GOG touts the fact that updates are not only optional in this version, but reversible.

Control over updates could be handy for mod-happy players, whose complaints litter a Google search for "Steam update rollback." Valve's service doesn't offer users any control over which game updates are installed: it's the current version or nothing. Update rollback is just one of several added features in Galaxy version 1.1. Other niceties include support or high-PPI displays, a claimed decrease in RAM and CPU usage, GPU acceleration support on Windows, and the ability to pause or resume downloads at any time without losing any progress.

GOG Galaxy is in open beta, so interested parties can head over and grab the latest version for free today.

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