Lead your Vikings into the Valhalla Hills

Did you like the The Settlers series? Enjoyed Cultures, or perhaps Banished? Please, sit down and have a drink, I have something to show you. Valhalla Hills is now available, and it looks to be both gorgeous and a time waster—of the good kind, that is. Instead of the usual trailers, we have a gameplay video. Lean back and watch:

In Valhalla Hills, players take control of a bunch of Vikings wishing to enter their promised land. In order to do so, however, they've got to climb to the top of a mountain and enter a portal there. Sounds simple, but they need to survive first—and the game world doesn't make that easy for them. Players must manage settlements and resources and fend off attackers, as well. In an interesting twist, Vikings are not directly controllable—you'll give out general commands, hoping that your bearded, mead-headed, axe-grinding subjects will follow.

The game is designed by Daedalic Entertainment, and some of the creators of The Settlers 2 and Cultures are part of the dev team. As an aside, you have to love a development diary video with a Viking crashing the workplace. Valhalla Hills is available on Steam for $15.99, which includes a 20% discount until the end of August.

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