Windows 10 has hit 75 million devices in just a month

Windows 10 has only been available for a month, but it's already found its way onto 75 million devices, according to Microsoft Corporate VP of Marketing for Windows and Devices Yusef Mehdi. Since Windows 10 hasn't hit phones in any final capacity yet, that 75 million figure most likely accounts for the number of desktops, notebooks, and convertibles upgraded so far. That's more than 15 quarters worth of Macs, based on Cupertino's latest financial results.

Mehdi also shared some highlights of the upgrade on Twitter. More than 90,000 different PC models from as far back as 2007 have been upgraded (though he doesn't say how custom-built PCs figure into that number, if they do at all). Some other fun facts from Mehdi's tweets are below.

There's still a long way to go towards one billion devices. At the current pace, it'd be another 370 days, but that seems impossible to maintain—we don't know how many free upgrade reservations are still waiting. While most new PCs will probably come with Win10 pre-installed, new PC shipments have been in a steady decline of late.

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