Red Awakening mixes action, stealth, parkour, and the '80s

Mix a bowl of first-person shooting and stealth mechanics. Add a spoon of parkour, and season with 80's slasher film influences and neon visuals. The result? Red Awakening.

This game serves up team-based multiplayer FPS gameplay with several twists. Players start out "hidden," and they'll see the world in soothing blue hues. They can search for victims with a Predator-esque vision and targeting system, and once they  find a suitable mark, that target's screen will get a purple tint. Go in for the kill, and the screen goes red—it's time to shank someone. Should players need to chase their victims, they'll have a parkour system at their disposal: the game's characters can run, climb, and slide on any surface.

Despite its FPS styling, the game puts more emphasis on melee combat than straight-out shooting. Red Awakening provides a varied selection of blades and other melee weapons, while guns are scarce and can't be reloaded. What you see in the magazine is what you get.

Domino Effect has been working on Red Awakening for a couple years, and the studio is looking to fund the game's final stretch on Kickstarter. Players can kick in approximately $12 in exchange for a copy of Red Awakening, which is promised to arrive in December. Buyer beware, of course.

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