There can be only one Headlander

Psychonauts developer Double Fine has announced its latest oddity, Headlander, at Pax Prime today. Hang onto your hats heads, because the trailer is here:

IGN has a bit of detail on Double Fine's latest. The amnesiac main character—who we'll call the Headlander for now—doesn't recall ever having a body. The Headlander flies in a jetpack-infused helmet and lands on the shoulders of robotic bodies (including a dog) with various abilities. Access to the various areas of the game is controlled by a color-coded portal system. It all seems very Metroid—get one tool that enables you to get the next tool, and so on. IGN says the gameplay's focus is more on exploration and solving puzzles than on combat, though the trailer shows plenty of blasting, too. 

Headlander will arrive sometime 2016. Double Fine will also show off more of the game this weekend at Pax Prime, so more information may be available next week. 

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