CliffyB returns to the FPS scene with LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski is back with a new multiplayer FPS called LawBreakers. Set on a futuristic Earth whose gravity has been irreversably corrupted by the destruction of the Moon (an event the game describes as "The Shattering"), LawBreakers is supposed to reward "skill, not streaks." I'll plead ignorance of which game that dig is targeting, but the first gameplay trailer is certainly action-packed:

Going by the trailer, players will have their pick of at least four classes, ranging from a lightweight, fast assassin type to a no-holds-barred heavyweight brawler. Bleszinski's Twitter feed suggests there are more classes to come, too. For those who want to try the game out first-hand, a live gameplay testing session is taking place this weekend in Seattle (presumably as part of PAX Prime festivities). LawBreakers itself will arrive some time in 2016.

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