Light and shadow play together in Calvino Noir

And now for something a little different. Calvino Noir is a stealth-based adventure platformer, if you have to label genres. So far so old, but check out the video below, and things should become both clearer—and darker.

Calvino Noir mixes 1930's aesthetics with gorgeous desaturated graphics, fancy lighting mechanics, and a film noir aesthetic. I have to say it looks absolutely stunning. Its gameplay reminds me of of titles such as Mark of the Ninja, Metal Gear Solid, and even Saboteur, if you remember that title.

Three different main characters each contribute a unique ability to the gameplay, and they're all misfits in some way or another. Although the game's main riff is stealthiness, you're also given the option to run in with fists blazing if you so choose. As befits the noir theme, the story is a mystery plot set in the '30s European criminal underground. The developers cite dystopic visions such as Deus Ex and Blade Runner as influences, as well, which should make for an interesting mix. Calvino Noir is available for 10% off on Steam right now for $22.49.

Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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