Win10 Store now lets users opt out of automatic app updates

Microsoft has drawn our ire on recent podcast episodes for its decision to prevent consumers from opting out of automatic Windows updates. While it doesn't seem to be reversing that policy just yet, the company has made one concession: the Windows Store now allows users to turn off auto-updating for apps purchased through the marketplace.

Microsoft doesn't announce what's new in each Windows 10 update anymore, either, so a perpetual Easter egg hunt is on. The SuperSite for Windows discovered that Cumulative Update #5 for Windows 10 (KB article 3081448) included the Store update with the new toggle. The switch labeled "Update apps automatically" is found in the Store app's settings page, and it's set to On by default. One click and you're done. This change isn't anywhere close to the level of control we'd like to see, and it doesn't put an end to automatic reboots that lose the state of open applications, but hey—it's a start. 

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