MSI's GTX 980 Ti Lightning glows with mystic light

MSI has added a GeForce GTX 980 Ti to its Lightning series of hot-clocked graphics cards. The new GTX 980 Ti Lightning's GPU comes cranked up to 1,203 MHz base and 1,304 MHz boost clocks, and the card's RAM gets a slight speed bump, as well: 7096 MT/s, instead of the regular 7000 MT/s.

MSI keeps the hopped-up GPU cool with a "TriFrozr" triple-fan cooler, which may be a step up from the dual-fan design used on the GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G. Half of the the 90mm fans' blades are twisted, an arrangement which MSI calls Torx Fan. That setup is supposed to improve both airflow and noise characteristics. Under the three spinners lies a heatsink array with three 8-mm heatpipes. According to the company, the TriFrozr cooler can dissipate up to 700W of heat.

Not content with going overboard on the air cooling front, MSI also includes dual BIOSes, 12-phase power for the GPU, and three power phases for the RAM, all of which could make overclocking easier. Last but not least, the Lightning is decked out with the obligatory RGB LED lighting, which MSI calls Mystic Light. The soothing illumination should help owners stay relaxed between failed overclocking attempts.

MSI doesn't offer any word on pricing, but a shake of the magic 8-ball says "not cheap."

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