Google bridges the divide between Android Wear and iOS devices

In the Great Smartwatch Wars of 2015, an impassable line was drawn in the sand. Android phone owners could only use Android Wear devices. iPhone owners could only use an Apple Watch. Ne'er the twain shall meet—until now. Google has broken down barriers and opened up the Android Wear platform to those toting iPhones.

Android Wear owners using iOS devices will be able to see phone calls, messages, and other notifications on their wrists. If a device has motion and heart rate sensing capabilities, those will be available on iPhones, too, so Wear-ers can keep track of walks, runs, and heart rates. Google Now information cards and voice search capabilities will make the jump to Apple's phone platform, as well.

The one notable omission from Google's list of supported capabilites is responding to notifications—Google says you can "check important info," but there's no indication that Android Wear users will be able to answer the phone or respond to text messages without pulling out their iPhones. Such a limitation would be a major drawback compared to an Apple Watch tethered to an iPhone or an Android Wear device connected to an Android phone.

While we're bursting your bubble, it's also important to note the hardware requirements: the only Android Wear device available today which can connect to an iPhone is the LG G Watch Urbane. All future watches from Huawei, Asus, and Motorola will support iOS, as well, but existing Android Wear devices don't seem to be getting iOS support. 

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