Deus Ex: Mankind Divided extras tied to preorder sales numbers

Square/Enix has come up with a novel pre-order scheme for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The concept is called "Augment your Preorder", and allows prospective gamers to "customize [their] Deus Ex experience from the very beginning." You can watch the video ad below:

Here's how it works. You preorder the game and pick the "Tier I" reward, which is an equipment pack for lead character Adam Jensen. As more and more people preorder, Square/Enix will unlock additional tiers, which early birds will then be eligible to claim. If and when tiers 2 to 4 unlock, buyers progressively get access to an art book and a soundtrack sampler, an extra mission, and a digital novella and comic book. Things get interesting with Tier 5, though. Should the preorder quota meet 100% of an as-yet-unspecified number of sales, Square/Enix claims it will release the game four days earlier than the expected date of February 23, 2016.

This plan seems likely to spark discussion within the gaming community, to say the least. It's made doubly odd by the fact that all of the preorder "bonuses" are already set for inclusion in the game's Collector's Edition.

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