Apple to stand the 'MHz myth' on its head?

If the reports are to be believed, Motorola's success in taking the G5 to the stratosphere will cause Apple to rethink the megahertz myth—or so says osOpinion.
The "MHz myth" has been a topic making the rounds in tech circles in recent months. Most of us are aware of its meaning and implications, but for those of us late to the table, the title is given to the misguided belief that MHz and GHz are valid measurements of performance.

Apple has been trying to correct that common misunderstanding through a series of marketing campaigns for the past three years. Many that use the common PC assumed that these proclamations were simply excuses from a company that could not keep up with competition.

It may not have been politically correct, but Apple had long implored the public to "think different" when it came to their computers. With faster Macs raring to go, what new shibboleths can we expect from the Apple marketing machine?
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