Seagate squeezes 2TB into its 7-mm notebook hard drives

SSDs may be the hottest thing in storage right now, but that doesn't mean Seagate is letting its mechanical hard drives languish.

The company says it's made a breakthrough in areal density that will allow it to pack as much as 2TB of mechanical storage into 7-mm 2.5" drives, with 1TB per platter. (Current 2TB mobile drives rely on 9.5-mm or taller housings.) The increased density comes courtesy of improvements throughout the drive, including "new mechanical firmware architectures with state of the art heads, media, and electronic design."

In addition to the extra space these improvements offer, Seagate claims that drives built with this technology will weigh 3.2 ounces—or 25% less than the company's last-gen mobile hard drives. The firm expects these next-gen drives to be quieter and more shock-resistant than their predecessors, too.

We don't know yet about the pricing or availability of products based on this tech, but Seagate says it's exploring both traditional and hybrid SSHD versions of the new drives.

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