Businesses can store more with Seagate's 8TB hard drives

Seagate is broadening its business-oriented product lineup today with some 8TB drives. The newcomers are members of the company's Enterprise Capacity, Enterprise NAS, and Kinetic product families.

The Enterprise Capacity 8TB drive is targeted at environments where storage runs full-tilt 24x7. It's rated for a workload of a whopping 550TB per year, and it's also specced for a two-million-hour MTBF. Seagate claims the new drive's response time is twice as fast as its previous generation of products, thanks to improvements in caching technology. Both SAS and SATA variants are available, and the drive supports FIPS 140-2 encryption on TCG-compliant systems. Seagate covers Enterprise Capacity drives with five-year warranties.

The Enterprise NAS drive, meanwhile, is aimed at high-density environments. Seagate says they're especially suitable for one-to-16-bay NAS devices. These drives carry endurance ratings of 300TB per year alongside a 1.2-million-hour MTBF, and they're warranted for five years.

Seagate's Kinetic drives are a little different than the average storage device. These shingled-magnetic-recording-based drives use Ethernet interfaces, and they're accessed using an open-source API. The network connectivity allows for programs to directly store data without the concepts of a controller, a filesystem, or blocks—the drive is presented as a simple key/value store. Seagate is targeting archiving and cloud setups with these drives by tuning them for low power usage, which could lower total cost of ownership in turn.

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