Moto X Pure Edition pre-orders begin September 2

When Motorola announced the Moto X Style, it promised flagship-class performance and a world-beating camera at a price way below those of its flagship-class competitors. The company will begin accepting pre-orders for the Moto X tomorrow morning in the USA, starting at a tantalizing $399

Presumably, the $399 starting price is for the base model with 16GB of flash storage, but Motorola's upgrade tier pricing has been fairly reasonable compared to its competitors'. On the 2014 Moto X, upgrading to 32GB costs $50, while 64GB of storage costs $100 extra. Motorola will also offer "premium" material upgrades like leather and wood backs along with other custom options through its Moto Maker service, though choosing those upmarket materials will inflate the price accordingly.

The US-only constraint may make our international readers a little sad for now, though turnabout is fair play: us Yanks haven't gotten the Moto X Play here in the States yet.  The Play is rumored to be coming stateside as a reborn re-branded phone in the form of the Verizon-exclusive Droid Maxx 2, though. In any case, Motorola says its latest Moto X will work on any carrier in the US, and the $399 asking price makes it among the cheapest flagship Android phones you can actually buy.

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