Hi, all. We have a number of stories related to Intel's official Skylake launch today, but I'm working on a larger write-up of the changes from Broadwell to Skylake at the SoC level. Trouble is, the start of allergy season has pretty much nuked my reserves of energy and focus. I am working my way through it, but I just didn't get it finished on time. I'm hoping to produce something coherent before too long.

Happily, we should have a good Skylake discussion on this week's podcast live stream. David Kanter is going to join me again to talk about Intel's new CPU now that we know more architectural details. That's coming Thursday evening at the usual time. We'll take questions from the comments and the Twitch chat, of course. Ought to be fun!

Now back to shotgunning my patented slurry of Allegra and coffee.

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