Wanted for review: AMD's Radeon R9 Nano

Although we've covered the Fiji GPU and the Radeon R9 Nano graphics card closely since it was first announced, I've just been informed that AMD has chosen not to provide TR with a product sample for review. The reasons behind this decision aren't clear to me, but whatever.

Here's the deal: we are in need of an R9 Nano card to review. If you're in the industry and somehow have access to one, please contact me at damage@techreport.com. I only need to borrow it for a few days in order to have a look at it. After that, I'll return it to you intact, and the world will have a truly independent review of this intriguing little video card.

As you may be aware, consumers would likely benefit from an independent review of this product, since we suspect AMD's public performance numbers don't reflect the experience of real gamers. We'd very much like to try out our frame-time-based performance testing methods on the Nano.


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