WB Interactive unmasks the latest Batman: Arkham Knight patch

Looks like Batman: Arkham Knight PC gamers are getting the patch they need, though perhaps not the one they deserve. WB Interactive has released an "interim patch" for the game, making good on a promise made a few weeks ago.

WB has added more graphics configuration options and claims to have reduced frame rate hitches in this update. Overall performance has reportedly been improved "on all GPUs," as well,  and problems with VRAM usage and texture pop-in should be reduced. Some issues with SLI and Crossfire support remain unresolved, and Warner Bros states those will be fixed in a future update.

We welcome any patches for Arkham Knight, and we may not be alone: a cursory look at the number of active players for the game on Steam shows some renewed interest in the game, as the total climbed while we wrote.  Props to the WB Interactive for continuing to address the game's disastrous PC launch, which led the company to suspend the game's sales to give its developers a chance to fix the worst of the title's issues.

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