SOMA serves up psychological scares deep beneath the waves

You may remember Amnesia - The Dark Descent. The 2010 horror adventure game struck a chord with its ambience and psychological manipulation. One player described the game's requirements as "a PC with some RAM, a video card, hard disk drive and a defibrillator." Frictional Games isn't done messing withour collective heads, though. Watch the trailer for SOMA, the studio's latest, in full screen:

SOMA confines players in an research facility deep in the ocean with no communications, dwindling supplies, and machines that think they're people. Their task will be to uncover the station's dark past by looking for the cause behind the station's corrupted humans, insane machines, and an apparently omnipresent A.I.

The devs cite psychological oppression as the game's main theme, and they've built tension through storytelling using tidbits of information scattered all over the game. If it's even half as good as Amnesia was, I can personally attest that players will be in for a wild ride. And you can't help but respect a game with an analog synth soundtrack, too.

Players will be able to take the plunge with SOMA on September 22, and the game is already available for preorder on Steam and GOG for $26.99, or 10% off the suggested price. Keep your oxygen masks handy.

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