Football Manager 2016 is a new-and-improved drug

I know exactly what you're thinking. So I'm going to let the numbers speak for themselves: Football Manager 2015 is the 4th most played game on Steam, and has been in the top games forever. According to the people who play it (some of which are good friends of mine), Football Manager is quite addictive, and deeper than a Kardashian behind. Like any competent drug lord, Sega is looking to capitalize on that addictiveness. The company has announced Football Manager 2016, which comes in three flavors.

This is extremely exciting, though it may not look like it. Really.

FM 2016 remains the series' mainstay, meant to be played on desktops and laptops. This iteration adds two new game modes. Fantasy Draft will let you build any team within a budget to compete in a mini-league, while Create-A-Club will let you conjure a custom team to compete in any of the game's leagues. Match reports and statistics are now extra-scientific by way of a partnership between Sports Interactive and Prozone, and players now have improved control over set pieces and opposition plays.

On the slightly less hardcore side, you can opt to play FM Touch 2016. This version is a single-player-only affair, available for both regular PCs and "high-end tablets." The twist here is that FM 2016 Touch will let players switch seamlessly between their mobile devices and continue their campaigns. Last but not least, there's FM Mobile 2016, which is meant to be a standalone "casual" version, available for iOS and Android devices.

Football Manager 2016 will be availabe on November 13 for $49.99 (54.99€), while the Touch and Mobile versions will hit the field around Christmas of this year. Players can preorder their copies here.

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