Cryorig C7 heatsink chills out in a stock-cooler footprint

Want to give your CPU cooling power a boost without strapping on a giant tower heatsink? Cryorig's C7 cooler could be a contender. This chiller is only 47 mm tall, which (as Cryorig points out) is only two millimeters taller than recent Intel stock heatsinks.

Despite that compact size, the C7 packs quite a bit of heat-transfer hardware. The baseplate is connected to the fin array with four 4.6-mm heatpipes,  and a 92-mm PWM fan blows down through the fins. That design maintains the Intel stock cooler's one arguable benefit by keeping air moving over the CPU's VRMs. Cryorig says the C7 is good for a 25% boost in cooling performance versus stock heatsinks while reducing noise levels by 20%.

The C7 should arrive this month in most markets save for Europe, where it'll go on sale "later in October." Cryorig suggests a price of $30 in the USA and €30 (excluding VAT) in the Eurozone.

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