Fujitsu THz-band receiver enables 20Gbps+ short-range comms

Fujitsu is proudly showing off a prototype wireless receiver that's sensitive to frequencies as high as 300 GHz, which allows it to accept data at "several tens of gigabits per second" over short ranges. Critically, this receiver is rather svelte at only 0.75 cubic centimeters, which could make it practical for use in smartphones and other mobile devices. The company claims its technology is the first of its kind in such a small package.

That Lilliputian size is roughly one-tenth the volume of Fujitsu's previous efforts to create terahertz-band receivers. The key innovation in achieving that size reduction is Fujitsu's integration of the receiver-amplifier chip and antenna in the same package.

Fujitsu says the receiver's speed enables "near-instantaneous downloads" of large files like 4K and 8K video. The highly limited range of terahertz signals means that this receiver is kind of like NFC on steroids, though: the company says dedicated kiosks and other forms of close-range communication would be ideal applications of the technology. The company will begin field trials of the receiver in October, and it hopes to commercialize the new tech sometime around 2020.

Fujitsu's researchers are presenting more details on the new receiver at the ongoing European Microwave Week 2015 in Paris.

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