Updated: AMD VP explains Nano exclusion, apologizes

Update: See below for an update to this story.

I've been too busy covering other things to follow most of the fallout from AMD's decision to exclude us and certain other publications from Radeon R9 Nano reviews. Honestly, I have better things to do. We'll just buy a card if we want to review it, assuming the supply is sufficient. I have no expectation that we as a publication should expect review samples of every product we want.

But I think this editorial at the HardOCP sheds some light on things, given that AMD gave us no clear reason for our exclusion.

Kyle points out something that happened on Twitter that I missed. AMD VP Roy Taylor had this to say in response to frustration from the public about TR not getting a review sample:

When pressed further, Taylor also had this to say about the folks at TechPowerUp:

Now, like I said, I have no expectation that we must be included in everything. We have to earn that. But I do take issue with folks saying that TR reviews are not fair.

I would invite you to read through our coverage of HBM, the Fiji architecture, the Radeon R9 Fury X, the R9 Fury, and perhaps a little about our Inside the Second testing methods. You might want to view our video podcast about the Fury X, too, which I'll embed here:

Sample our coverage with clear eyes, and I'm confident you'll see that we aim to be fair and have our readers' best interests at heart.

I should say, also, that we have had zero indication prior to Mr. Taylor's public statements that anyone at AMD took issue with our reviews. We are and always have been happy to discuss how we tested, what we've written, and why.

It's true that our coverage of the R9 Nano expressed some skepticism about AMD's performance claims for the card, but I would argue that such skepticism is entirely fair and warranted for reasons explained in the article linked. 

Anyhow, at least now we know that AMD is actively seeking to punish those in the press who are less than compliant. I personally am sadded by this development—although I am always proud to be singled out as an example of a reviewer who is perhaps a little bit too "independent." We will continue to make corporate types uncomfortable with empirical testing and honest assessements going forward.

Update 10:02 PM 9/9/25: I just received a very nice phone call from AMD's Roy Taylor. He apologized for his earlier comments on Twitter and says he doesn't think The Tech Report's reviews are unfair. He seems like a decent guy with perhaps a too-strong personality, and I can relate to that. So all is forgiven from my point of view.

Thanks to everybody for their support. Here's hoping we can put this bit of unpleasantness behind us and move on to happier things.

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