The TR Podcast is live on Twitch

The TR Podcast live stream has started. This evening, we're welcoming Jacky Huang of Zotac, the man behind the Zbox mini-PCs. We'll get him to explain the art of cramming a powerful and quite PC into a tiny box. I expect we'll also talk about the Apple announcements and this week's other happenings. Come join the chat:

Watch live video from TheTechReport on

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    • derFunkenstein
    • 4 years ago

    So Scott says in the pre-show that Jacky designed Abit’s jumper-free mobos and I’m all like

      • chuckula
      • 4 years ago

      Abit FTW.

      I want to see their motherboards on those “Hey do you remember the 90’s!” music informercials at 2 AM.

        • Deanjo
        • 4 years ago

        Best BIOS devs ever.

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