OnePlus admits it bungled the OnePlus 2 launch after delays

After a splashy debut, it seems like the OnePlus 2 smartphone has been on a bumpy road to buyers' hands. According to a post on its official forums, the company delayed shipments of the phone worldwide for several weeks last month. Yesterday, OnePlus posted a mea culpa on its forums, admitting that "we messed up the launch of the OnePlus 2."

It seems that despite the company's invitation-only purchasing system, which is supposed to help it manage demand, OnePlus 2 phones only started shipping in "meaningful quantities" this week. The company didn't cite any particular reason for the delays.

Despite the bumps and bruises, it seems there's plenty of demand for OnePlus' latest: over five million potential buyers have lined up for invites since the phone's July reveal. As amends for the production delays, the company says it's considering an open sales period "sometime later this month or early next" where buyers can get a phone without an invite (though that period will only be an hour long, apparently).

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