Aqua Computer water block makes R9 Nano a chilly one-slot card

German accessory manufacturer Aqua Computer is showing off its latest graphics card water block, which can turn a Radeon R9 Nano into a single-slot solution. The company claims the water block can chill the Fiji GPU down to 35ºC while running Furmark (with the coolant at 27º C), which isn't really impressive—merely typical German efficiency.

The water block doesn't just cover the GPU. The whole PCB is enclosed, so the card's High Bandwidth Memory, VRMs, and even the inductor coils receive some love. Oxygen-free copper makes up the majority of the block, while the neat-looking window is made of Plexiglas. You'll need a single-slot bracket to go with the block—Aqua Computer says the bracket it sells for the Fury X will work fine. Cool and quiet 6-way CrossFire, anyone?

Aqua Computer will begin selling these copper slabs next week on its webshop, though there's no word on pricing. Given that it charges 99.90€ ($113) for a similar block for the Fury X, this version isn't likely to be cheap.

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