Gigabyte's Xtreme Gaming series debuts with souped-up GTX 950

Gigabyte has announced a new gaming-oriented product line, and a new card to kick things off. Folks, I present you with the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming:

Gigabyte strapped one of their trademark Windforce heatsink and fan combos to the card, which puts copper heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU. The fans have grooved fins in order to smooth out the noise signature, and all cards purportedly go through a rigorous testing procedure called "GPU Gauntlet Sorting." The company is taking advantage of that nice Windforce HSF to push the memory speed from the 6,600 MT/s stock clocks to 7,000 MT/s, and the GPU clocks to 1203 MHz base and 1405 MHz boost speeds.

As with most graphics cards these days, Gigabyte's GTX 950 will switch its fans off under idle loads, and a pair of LED lights on the card show the fan status. Gigabyte says the electrical components are of the same grade as the Titan X's, and the PCB  has a "breathable aerospace-grade coating" to protect it against moisture, dust, and corrosion. A metal backplate offers extra PCB protection. As befits the Xtreme Gaming label, the color of the LED-lit Windforce logo on the card can be changed to taste, too.

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