Radeon R9 Nano availability check: yes, you can buy one

While Scott is busy fondling reviewing his R9 Nano, we've taken a look at the card's stock status for those who dare to buy one without TR's seal of approval. The good news is that Nanos are in stock mostly (but not only) at Newegg, at prices close to AMD's suggested amount of $649.99. The slightly bad news is that most cards are selling a bit over retail price, but if you're dishing out $650, we don't think another $20 or so is going to break the bank.

The cheapest price we could find, which is $649 flat, is at Amazon. There's not much choice of board partners, though—right now you can only get the Sapphire Radeon R9 Nano, but the price is right and shipping is free. NCIX also has a Nano in stock, the Dutch-born Club3D Radeon R9 Nano. This baby's in stock for $660 with free shipping, but Club3D doesn't handle RMAs directly for North American customers. That might be a reason to avoid it.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a a little more variety, you can shop at Newegg instead. The 'egg has three cards available. $660 plus $10 for shipping gets you either the Sapphire Radeon R9 Nano or the PowerColor Radeon R9 Nano, which both have two-year warranties. For $670 plus $10 shipping, you can get Asus's Radeon R9 Nano instead, which is probably a good idea. It costs a bit more than the other two, but you do get a 3-year warranty period.

Every single one of the cards mentioned above has the same HSF and specs as the one Scott will soon be exercising, though at least one company is already thinking about custom coolers.

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