Report: Xcode shows iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM; 2GB in iPhone 6S

Apple's updated iPhones and iPad Pro won't be in consumer hands for a while yet, but the updated iOS device simulators in Xcode may confirm our wildest dreams strong desires when it comes to RAM. According to developer Hamza Sood, the latest Xcode version exposes how much memory is in its simulated devices. A simulated iPhone 6S or 6S Plus has 2GB of RAM, while a simulated iPad Pro has 4GB.

While the results of a test application on simulated devices don't absolutely guarantee that the iPhones and iPad Pro have more RAM than their predecessors, other simulated devices show the amount of memory they are widely believed to ship with, too. Sood's screenshot shows a simulated iPhone 6 with 1GB of RAM, the same as iFixit found in its iPhone 6 teardown. The amount of memory in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was a sticking point in our review, so hopefully this reported change will improve owners' everyday experience. 

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