Rumor: AMD preparing to unleash Radeon R9 380X graphics cards

I love the smell of fresh graphics cards in the morning. Chinese site Expreview has received some pictures from an "unnamed insider" that purportedly show an XFX Radeon graphics card claimed to be an as-yet-unannounced R9 380X.

According to Expreview's insider, the card is already in mass production, and the site goes on to speculate what kind of specs its GPU has. One scenario is that the new unit may have a fully-enabled Tonga GPU with 2,048 stream processors and a 384-bit memory bus. We could also just be looking at a respin of the R9 280X. A quick Newegg search shows R9 390X cards sitting at over $400, while R9 380s sit around the $200 mark. That's a sizable price gap that AMD may be looking to fill with this card.

The XFX card in question looks like it belongs in the company's Double Dissipation series. The fans are reportedly 100-mm spinners, and have a neat feature—users can press two plastic tabs on either end unclip to them for easy cleaning. That capability could have certainly saved me some trouble in the past. Eight heat pipes run through the aluminum heatsink, and the side shot shows what is likely a LED-lit XFX logo.

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