Win10 overtakes OS X Yosemite in desktop market share wars

Microsoft celebrated 75 million installations of Windows 10 in the operating system's first month of availability, but that figure doesn't give us a good feel for the PC market as a whole. Netmarketwatch has published its August 2015 statistics today, though, and we can see that the latest Windows is making a dent.

According to Netmarketwatch's metrics, Windows 10 claimed 5.2% of the desktop market last month. That's still a far cry from Windows 8.1's 11.4% or Windows 7's 57.7%, but 5.2% is still a pretty big chunk considering the OS's short time in general release. Win10 has also leapfrogged OS X Yosemite, which only claimed 4.8% of the desktop browsing market. 

In July's figures, Windows 10 didn't get its own slice of the pie (chart), so we can't say for sure how much of the overall market it comprised. Based on this data, the new operating system seems to have grown out of the existing Windows base rather than winning converts from other platforms. Given Microsoft's free upgrade offer for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, perhaps that's not so surprising.

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