Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 is a leaning tower of cooling

Scythe makes some serious air coolers, and the third iteration of its Grand Kama Cross looks to continue that trend. This cooler's bowing fins would look totally sweet in a windowed case. 

The Grand Kama Cross 3 uses interlaced, 8-mm heat pipes to hold its fins in a V-shaped design Scythe calls "X-Struktur." The slanted design allows the cooler to fit motherboards that have taller heatsinks on the VRM components and RAM. The fins also have a saw-tooth pattern that's supposed to reduce turbulence. With its fan attached, the cooler tops out at 5.8," or 147 mm tall.

A GlideStream 140-mm PWM fan sits on top of the fins, and its downward-blowing orientation should provide airflow to keep those same VRM and RAM heatsinks cool. Scythe says the GlideStream moves plenty of air: 97.2 CFM at its maximum rotational speed of 1,300RPM. The company says the fan will produce only 30.7 dBA at its maximum speed, though it doesn't say how or at what distance that noise  figure was measured.

The Grand Kama Cross 3 is available today, and it looks to be pretty affordable, too. Scythe says it will cost €36.50, which translates to $41 in the States.

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