Morning, folks. Hope all is well with you.

I have an article to edit, and then you should see something new posted here soon.

I'm also hard at work on a review myself. Getting anything done has taken extra time lately since, well, I've had three weekends in a row of actual time off, surrounded by more-or-less eight-hour work days. Kind of had to happen, given how busy things have been for several months. I needed the time to recharge and reconnect with my family.

Also along those lines, I've decided to take a bit of a break this week and skip the podcast. If you were planning to tune in at the usual time, sorry about that. We'll be back next week, but I'd like to devote my energy to other things this week. (Go Chiefs!)

I do have several projects in the works at once. As part of that, I took delivery of a bunch of packages yesterday. And this happened:

Little did I know my superpower involved being Customer Man. I wonder what abilities that grants me, other than complaining, which is obviously the main one.

Oh, and just to stir the pot a bit, we finally cut our discuss with David Kanter about DirectX 12 and async compute shaders into a separate video. Here it is:

I should mention, since it's been blown way of out of proportion, that "potentially catastrophic" in real-time graphics means that you miss a frame. It's not the end of the world—it just means you have to program the GPU carefully.

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