Cryorig M9 is a mini-tower cooler for many cases

Cryorig's C7 looks like an intriguing cooler for cases where low profiles are important, but the company isn't leaving those with a little more room to work with out in the cold. Its M9 tower cooler is a little taller than the squat C7, at 4.9" (or 125 mm) tall. Along with its triple-heatpipe base and 92-mm fan, this heatsink could be a nice upgrade over Intel's stock cooler.

Cryorig touts the fact that the M9 has a solid copper base to go with its heatpipes. That solid base is supposed to provide more area for heat transfer than competing direct-contact designs. As with the C7, the company says the M9 has been designed to respect Intel's recommended keep-out zone around the processor socket, so it shouldn't cause clearance issues with RAM or PCIe slots.

An M9a version of the cooler will work with AMD CPU sockets, while Intel owners will want the M9i. Cyrorig says the M9 will be available everywhere except European countries this month for just $27 or 27€ before VAT. European builders can expect the M9 in October.

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