MSI and Corsair team up to produce a liquid-cooled GTX 980 Ti

MSI is well-known for its graphics cards, and Corsair is famous in part for its all-in-one liquid coolers. The two companies have appareantly decided each of their great tastes go better together, as they've teamed up to produce a liquid-cooled GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card called the Sea Hawk. (Corsair appears to be selling its own version of this card called the Hydro GFX.)

To make the Sea Hawk whole, MSI contributes one of its GTX 980 Ti graphics cards, which is then paired with Corsair's H55 liquid cooler and a custom cooling bracket. The H55 uses a slim 120-mm radiator paired with one fan to provide cooling power for the GPU itself, while a traditional blower fan on the card itself cools the memory and power delivery circuitry.

That custom cooling setup allows MSI to push the Sea Hawk to 1190MHz base and 1291MHz boost clocks, which aren't far off the fastest clocks we've seen from air-cooled GTX 980 Tis. MSI encourages owners to push the card with its Afterburner software, too, so there might be further overclocking potential left untapped in the Sea Hawk. Corsair is asking $739.99 for its Hydro GFX version, so we'd expect a similar cost for MSI's card. 

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