Thermaltake caters to custom loops with Pacific R and RL radiators

Thermaltake is taking custom liquid cooling seriously. The company has released not one, or two, but seventeen new radiators, across two product lines and three base dimensions ranging from 120 mm to 180 mm. Say hello to the Pacific R and RL series.

Pacific R series

All of these radiators are made of zinc-treated aluminum, and Thermaltake says they're manufactured using a high-temperature brazing process, which should improve durability.

The R and RL radiator series differ in their thickness and the number of available G1/4" threads. The R series radiators are roughly 1.5" thick and come with two G1/4" ports. These heat exchangers are available in either 120-mm-based sizes up to to 480 mm, or in multiples of 180 mm up to 560 mm.

Pacific RL series, shown in white

Meanwhile, the L in the RL series likely stands for "large." A massive 2.5" thick, these forests of fins have five G1/4" threads and come in two base size variations: 120 mm to 480 mm (available in either black or white finishes), and multiples of 140 mm up to 560 mm.

The radiators in the RL series start at $50 for the RL120, all the way up to $126 for the RL560, available immediately. Thermaltake hasn't provided pricing info for the R series, but given their bigger cousins' pricing, they may be more affordable.

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